PRISON BREAK: Tiger’s Night 2017

The sight of orange shirts neatly placed side by side on mess tables, the backdrop of a police lineup and the booming voice in a video calling out the names of the graduates have completely turned the Fuller Hall into a prison that one would definitely want to escape from. Tiger’s Night 2017 served to…

AIM entourage meets the Prime Minister of India

When we heard that the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, was visiting Manila to attend the ASEAN Summit we got excited. There was buzz in the air as the visit signaled important things to come for the members of the ASEAN and India. Little did we know we’d get to actually meet him. Early…

Celia “Cecile” Paat

I get to meet different people like ambassadors, top executives, foreign students, and, sometimes, even presidents of the Philippines.

KRC welcomed us in style!

Studying isn’t always fun. But at least studying in this new library has given us something to be a little excited about!

School launches “AIM Talks”

Last October 14, 2017, Asian Institute of Management held its very first AIM Talks, an interactive conference on world-class ideas with focus on Asia.