a morning with Nipun Mehta

“That amidst the hundreds of case discussions, we may end up losing sight of the realities of the world outside of AIM – that there are and there will still be societal challenges outside that demands to be solved by both the mind and the heart. “

Trade Negotiator for a Week

Term break for MBA 2018 was about to end but that didn’t stop us to look for programs that would make our free time productive. In a two day event, we were joined with undergraduates specializing in international studies and diplomacy to take on the role of a senior trade negotiator. Each School was assigned with a country…

Yale Experience

It’s almost every student’s dream to study abroad, especially in the United States. But Yale? An Ivy League school? Now that’s a whole different ballgame. AIM offers their students a chance to participate in the Global Network Week (GNW) during March, wherein they go on an exchange to different business schools all over the world…

How to pitch your way to Milan..

“We spent the entire night (6 hours of it!) doing an overhaul to the idea – reframing the problem, re-assessing the social impact, re-computing financial projections. “

Forming Life Long Connections

A Masters Degree is valuable for many reasons. Here at AIM, students gain and develop essential skills, expand their knowledge, and learn from exceptional faculty that enable them to grow rapidly in their chosen field after graduation. Even with the intense curriculum, sleepless nights, and endless parties, there’s one thing that we continue to treasure…

Tiger’s Independence Day!

Everyone was excited as graduation was the culmination of one’s sacrifices of blood and sweat in gruelling through the school requirements.