14 reminders of the struggles of b-school

Whenever I see my previous work colleagues, they tell me how envious they are that I get to go on a year off from the pressures of a job. I often get comments that I look slimmer and better, to which I respond with “Thanks, I simply don’t have the money to eat out anymore.” Yes, going back to school is exciting and fun! But graduate studies is not a vacation… and these MBA students amusingly captured the different struggles we face every day.

1. We often wonder how to survive on allowance.


2. We even eat Finance and Accounting for brunch.


3. But sometimes, it’s just not enough to pass the exam.


4. So we often try to make sense of things.


5. Apply what’s familiar and easy to remember.


6. And put our communication skills to good use.


7. We are usually tired, so we make great use of nap time whenever we can.


8. WHEREVER we can.


9. You can even forget work during the weekend… but that is hard to do when you’re back in school.mbacohort12-sundaymornings10. Because readings would haunt you even over the holiday season.mbacohort12-holidaybreak

11. But we still continue to motivate ourselves to keep moving forward.


12. To not forget our passions and hobbies.


13. To make the struggle fun with friends.


14. And to study hard, but party harder!


Do you hear interesting musings about #LifeatAIM from classmates and friends or see it on their social media posts? Whether it happened inside or outside of the caseroom, don’t hesitate to share it with us!

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