Editor’s note

I think this whole thing started with the question: What’s it like in AIM? You can’t find the answer in the brochure, not really. We all read the same pamphlet and still day one took us by surprise. We asked around. We talked to older cohorts. We searched online. They all told us the same: It’s not like anything you’ve experienced before. Which meant little to us, knowing what we knew then (or not knowing what we know now). There wasn’t a whole lot out there to prepare us for what AIM had in store. During our orientation, we were told to expect “drama.” Some of us laughed at the time. Looking back, I wonder if they undersold the whole “drama” thing.

A few months ago, we were suddenly students again. We were sitting in classrooms (or case rooms, whatever they wanna call it), raising hands and passing notes, falling back into the familiar strokes of school. And yet it wasn’t exactly like school. AIM was peculiar: we had learning teams, case packs, and CP, instead of groups, readings, and quizzes (though we do have the occasional quiz). It felt different, newish, almost alien.

Which brings us to Life at AIM. We thought: What could have helped us answer this initial question? We’re starting this blog to document and share the experiences of students, for the benefit of other students. Be it the struggles of dorm life, the trouble of finding good (cheap) food nearby, or even why sit-down WACs are better than take-home WACs, we want to share our ideas and our experiences. We want to capture what it’s really like in AIM, both inside and outside class. There’s always a lot going on between cases. Blink and you might miss it.

–Life@AIM Team

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