Genny Descalsote

“I started in AIM in December 2014. My Aunt invited me here to work in the SA store, which she started managing 1998 up until now. AIM was my first real job. I was a service crew in Marikina before but the business had to lay off workers. Unfortunately, I was one of those who were laid off. This job gives me a chance to talk to different types of students: Filipinos, foreigners, MBA students, MDM students. Rarely do you get the chance to sit in 1 spot and get to know the world because of stories of the students here. I’ve seen students come and go. I see the uniqueness in every batch. I only got a certificate course when I was a student. I really didn’t get to finish college. But being around AIM students inspires me to finish it. And I will.” #HumansofAIM #LifeatAIM

Genny Descalsote is a receptionist at the AIM Dormitory.

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