MBA’s Day Out: Green Canyon

Ask any student of MBA Cohort 12 why they decided to go to B school and chances are, you’d get the answer “I’m finding myself.” We’re stuck in that moment in our careers where we don’t know what to do anymore.

We’re quite the interesting bunch. 75 students from 10 different countries. You could say we’re going through a crisis, something like the rebellious middle child outshined by his older and younger siblings. We’re not as cute or as bubbly as the fresh-out-of college MIB batch and we’re sure not as mature as the EMBA batch either.

Taking up an MBA at AIM is tiring, but at the same time it’s rewarding. We go through countless cases weekly. The number crunching never seems to end. However, the learning process is another story. The daily discussions give birth to interesting insights. We hone our skills and develop our character, which ultimately makes thinking about our future careers more exciting.

We’ve known each other for eight months now. Some of us have become fatter. Most would like to think they’ve squared their IQ’s somehow. So the time seemed ripe to escape Makati and go out on an adventure. We’re too hipster to celebrate Laboracay (or that we couldn’t afford it; it’s costly being a full-time student). Enter our resident party boy, David Chan, who did an amazing job planning MBA Cohort 12’s first outing at Green Canyon Resort in Clark, Pampanga.

The part where we get there

Having had a grueling Managerial Analytics exam the day before made it seem like the trip up North was a piece of cake. Considering that it was a four-day weekend, the commute to Green Canyon via NLEX was surprisingly smooth and bump-free.


Getting there after exiting the Clark tollbooth however, was a different story. You know you’re going to experience something different when the kind Waze lady and Kendrick Lamar’s rap verses shut down. Yes, we were entering a place where cellular data signals are non-existent, a nightmare for any millennial. Well played Green Canyon.


What we did in the morning

Green Canyon is actually quite the discovery. The roads that lead to it seem like something straight out of The Blair Witch Project but entering the compound made us feel like entering Narnia through the magical wardrobe. How could a serene place like this exist after those treacherous roads?

After having a light lunch of pasta and sandwiches (we love our carbs), we had the whole day to enjoy leisure activities our generation exists for.

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These included an exhilarating 1 hour hike (half of the time devoted to taking selfies hashtag #blessed)

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Taking a dip (not swimming, mind you) at the wave pool.


There were even bikes there, which triggered nostalgia for a lot of guys.

What we did in the night

These activities took their toll on our tito and tita-selves. Our reward: a healthy dinner, composed of deep fried entrees, Bagnet Kare-Kare and Sisig. We ended the night by singing our hearts off to power ballads in the karaoke machine while drinking Iced Tea.

You didn’t really believe that did you?

Like the cast of The Hangover series, we didn’t remember much, save for whatever photos we took on our phones. The night apparently consisted of Jaeger Bombs and Beer Pong 😊.

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There were two movies that came out recently that highlight the theme of finding family in the most unexpected situations. I think Cohort 12 is kind of like that, a bunch of misfits (author included). We can give the cast of The Fast and The Furious and Guardians of the Galaxy a run for their money when it comes to being a family. We’re stuck with each other for the next 8 months and that’s not a bad thing at all.

mba-cohort-12-party-green canyon

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  2. jigme says:

    So nice Ron!! 🙂


    1. Rachel Arendelle says:

      Jigme, it was Hans who wrote this. Thanks for taking time for read!


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