Jammu Francisco

“It was I think my first or second year teaching and we ran a top management program. It’s about four five days or something and we got a lot of high-level people. In fact one of my classmates was one of the Gokongwei sisters. And of course they invite big name professors as well. I remember they invited professor Steve Rogers–not Captain America, I was the only one who got that–from Harvard Business School. I was this Econ teacher from Ateneo, and if you’re from here you’d know that life is different in a university as opposed to in a business school. Ateneo is in Quezon City, and it was my first time in Makati. As I said, Lisa Gokongwei was my classmate, and here’s a Harvard Business School professor teaching us something about… actually I forgot. But I remember just being wowed by his whole style. And then all of a sudden, apparently Stan Shih was a guest speaker. And for me, it was just so amazing, because I think that’s what AIM represented to me–and it still does now. It sounds corny but I feel like it’s a window to a bigger world, which I wasn’t used to back in Quezon City.”  #HumansofAIM #LifeatAIM

Prof Jamil Paolo S. Francisco is an Associate Professor in the Department of Economics at the Asian Institute of Management, and the Executive Managing Director of the Rizalino S. Navarro Policy Center for Competitiveness

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