Michael Tobias

“What will remain with me I guess is the feeling of when you think you’re good, but suddenly you’re not. My work treated me very well, they put me on the spotlight for a lot of presentations. So I was getting a lot of exposure. And I thought like, “I’m in a hot new job. I’m very good in analysis. I know how to present and talk very well. Damn, I got a good setup.” And then I went here. I was stumped a lot. And it’s always a good thing when life just hits you to the ground with regard to what you know. It shows you that there’s still so much more. You can remember the lessons, you can say the terms, but you realize you can’t really apply it that well. And it shows that you can’t because when the professor asks you a question, you tell them the definition of that term, but he just stands there waiting for more. You can feel that there should be more depth, and being put in that position is very enlightening.” #LifeatAIM #HumansofAIM

Michael Tobias is a student from Master of Science in Innovation & Business 2017. He is also the President of the batch.

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