Ava Española

IMG_20170517_193514Being in AIM is such a mind trip. I’ve realized the more you learn, the more you become aware of what you don’t know, or how much more there is to know. You can barely stay awake to read more, but you want to read more! The readings, the cases, the lectures. AIM tests your limits — things like reading 200 pages in two days! I thought before, is that even possible? Turns out, it is. Did I understand any of it? Well, enough to know that beyond GDP, there is such a thing as Gross Happiness Index, as in Bhutan! Now I want to go there when I’m done with my studies! AIM, in a way further validates this belief I have that education is a great equalizer. In the classroom, in the face of mounting case works, no matter your position, family origin, or status — you are all there to learn, to connect with ideas, to be better, to grow. On my own, it already feels amazing. But doing this with everyone else? Even more so. (Ava Española, Vice President, EMBA 2018) #LifeatAIM #HumansofAIM

Ava Española is a student of Executive Master in Business Administration 2018. She is also the Vice President of the batch.

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