(It’s gonna be) May 2017 Recap

May has been a productive month for everyone. Most of our classes are done. The season for final projects is coming to a close. There is but a thin veil between LT meetings and summer vacation. In the meantime, the Life at AIM Team has been hard at work to bring new stories and content to you guys.

B-side of a b-side… Is there such a thing?

First off, we’d like to thank you all this launch month! The support and feedback from you guys really inspires us to constantly improve Life at AIM. We’re new at this whole thing, and the encouragement from the community means a lot to us.

That said, we want to give you guys a recap of this last month, starting with Humans of AIM. We inherited this project from the previous cohort and gave it a fresh coat of paint. We had our writers rethink the way they interviewed our subjects and opened up HoAIM to include AIM staff and professors.

We covered two major school events, namely Pistang Pinoy and the Sportsfest. We also covered program specific activities, like MDM’s Rapid Area Assessment, and MBA’s Green Valley excursion.

We launched our very first contest: “Life is a GIF”, alongside a series of “Outside the Caseroom” articles. Outside the Caseroom features what AIM students do when their not knee-deep in readings (where do they find the time?). Here, we started our #OOTD (AIM style) series, and a listicle on the struggles of being a business school student.

Lastly we also started “Helpful Links”, where we’ll continue to post useful websites and apps for those looking to be more productive.

That’s about it for May. On the horizon, we’re looking to expand the Humans of AIM series with video entries. Actually, we’re just trying to get more video content in general on this site. Keep an eye out. We hope you’re as excited as we are!

–Life at AIM Team

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