The SASIN cerebral marathon

Have you ever trained for a marathon? The endurance breaking, body bludgeoning series of exercises meant to strengthen oneself. It’s like we were wearing cleats, scraping against the pavement over and over. A repetitive motion complemented by uneven breaths as we understand the whys of the entire process.

At the start of the race was IGNITE, an arduous internal competition that had the double function to filter the team who can apply for SASIN (an international competition). These series of sprints narrowed down the potential teams who could represent AIM in Bangkok. There was Team ComSo, consisting of Nancy and Roxy. They brought home the SASIN bacon. Marco and Mario were recruited to complete the team.

Sasin 3

Much like the dedication one puts into for training for a marathon, ComSo, our business venture, became our life. We spent most after-school hours brainstorming, as our initial ideas needed to continuously transform. We went through a sea of frameworks and concepts. We unleashed our inner homemaker and handyman skills. Our prototype slowly took form. We interviewed. We presented.

The main event in Bangkok consisted of a series of presentations that became more challenging as it progressed. The varied responses our pitch received pushed us to try harder to win people over during the venture exhibition. To our surprise, we emerged victorious.

Kiatnakin Phatra Financial Group, one of the largest banks in Thailand, along with Sasin Business School, awarded us with the best venture exhibit title, an award reserved for the business team that won over the interest of all attendees and VCs alike.

As we wiped the sweat off our brows, gave a sigh of relief, and realized that we’ve crossed the finish line, a wave of pride washed over us. And we shared this pride with the entire MBA 2017 batch, Professor Cruz, AIM faculty, AIM admin, and the entire AIM community.

Sasin 6

Looking back, it was the things that we did when the spotlight wasn’t on us, when no one was watching, that ultimately made the most impact. It was during those moments when it was darkest, that bonds were formed and characters moulded. Through it all, the SASIN team is eternally grateful for this six-month cerebral marathon and for everyone who ran it with us. We did it!

(Sasin Team – Roxy Valencerina, Nancy Kempeneers, Mario Fernandes, Marco Pamparo, Students, MBA 2017)

Sasin 4


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