Sas Pineda


What’s life like before AIM?

Before AIM, life was very relaxed, but at the same time I was new to the working world. After I graduated in 2014, I tried pursuing a career in basketball. I trained and played basketball every day for two years. Then when I couldn’t get into teams, I started working for my dad, in our business. So for nine months, before I came here, I worked for him. He was the one who recommended that I take my Master’s degree, specifically MIB in AIM. I saw that it was only for ten months, so I said why not. I really wanted to learn again because I felt nabobo ako for two years with just playing basketball. I also felt the pressure of working in a family business–it’s a different feeling when your dad is your boss. I wanted to learn again, study again, to help my dad in the business.

What is your most memorable experience in AIM so far?

Is this a trick question? Well, here I fell in love again. I didn’t expect it. I didn’t come here to look for love or what. But then all of a sudden, I liked someone, a person from MBA. I think that’s one of the most memorable experiences. Of course, meeting my classmates also, because we are only 21 students, we became really close. We are like a family. But more than the love life or my classmates, the hardships I had here built my character. The all-nighters, the pressures – we were able to adjust, we learned, we developed our skills. I guess the struggles and the learning experience from that is what I will look back on.

Sas Pineda is a student from Master of Science in Innovation & Business 2017.

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