Pablia Galendez


Ate Leah1-1-01

“I helped put three people through school because of my job here. My youngest sibling and two relatives. They all have jobs now. I don’t have children of my own, but I consider AIM my family. This coming August I’m going to retire. I’m 60 years old. I started working when I was really young. In elementary I worked for my godmother, I helped her with jobs around the house. I planted rice, things like that. This was in Bohol. When I finished grade 6, I started working again for two years before I could start high school. After high school I looked for work, this time in Manila. I saved money for two years. They told me it was better to study in Manila, in night school, but I went back to Bohol. I went to college in UB (University of Bohol). When I returned to Manila, I really needed to earn money and it was easy to become a guard. I didn’t know anyone here. The first job I got at the time was this job. I’ve been here 32 years since.”

Pablia Galendez is a guard at Asian Institute of Management



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