Nandini’s GNAM experience in Tokyo


My experience and immersion at Japan was just amazing. The course was extremely well structured and insightful. We had a number of field trips to some of the major innovation firms in Japan, such as Honda and SoftBank. Japan has a very unique culture – so innovative, yet so traditional. We visited Shibuya, Shinjuku, Roppongi, Harajuku, Asakusa, Ginza areas as a part of the GNAM course. Tokyo is an amazing place for those who love to party. You won’t run out of options for pubs and bars. You can get to try out the Sushi, Teriyaki, and the Japanese Green tea. There’s a LOT to learn from the country. I would suggest everyone to visit Japan for the GNAM week.

Nandini - Hitotsubashi ICS 6

Nandini Ghosh is a student from Master in Business Administration 2017.

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Country, visited – Japan

College name – Hitotsubashi ICS

Number of students in the GNAM batch – 70


Visa: PHP 1300

Airfare: PHP 12000

Lodging: PHP 36000 (Air BNB would be cheaper)

Food: Meals were sponsored by school, so it depends mostly on how much you can eat.


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