Makati’s Best Kept Secret

Found in an inconspicuous building in Paseo de Roxas lies the food court you need to visit immediately.

Higher Ground Food Station

It’s one of the hottest places to eat, literally.

A few blocks away from our dear business school lies a food hall that serves some of the most reasonably priced authentic Asian cuisine not just in Makati, but in Metro Manila. Don’t expect a swanky ambiance akin to the ones in Greenbelt. It doesn’t even have air-conditioning. But I promise, the food alone is worth the trip. Each trip merits something new as there are many choices from Roast Beef to Bagnet. I’ve been there twice and both times left completely satisfied.

Go With The Flow

Going there at lunch time will be quite hectic. It will be probably filled with employees from the surrounding offices. Navigating the weird L shaped hallway may seem daunting at first due to the myriad of choices available but fear not, I’ve come up with my very own Top 3 finds from Higher Ground Food Station. Make sure to order these three items during your first visit. Bring friends too, as its apt to eat here family style with everyone sharing multiple dishes.

My Favorites

Gyoza, it’s good for you since it’s only half-fried?

Start by ordering the quintessential Japanese appetizer, gyoza from Suki-Gyouza. At P150 for a dozen pieces, these steam-fried pork and vegetable dumplings are quite the steal. Their being made-to-order allows for a very crisp exterior which when bitten releases a flavor bomb of kuchay and ground meat. This was my favorite dish and a big reason to go back to Higher Ground.

Bread is life.

Follow up your order of gyoza with an authentic version of Banh-mi from Lotus Vu. There are many Vietnamese restaurants around Makati but one rarely sees Banh-mi in their menu. You know you’re in for the real deal when the Vietnamese lady in the counter doesn’t speak any English. Point to the menu posted on the wall for your order. I recommend the classic Pork Banh-mi (P155). Slices of meat, vegetables, and pate are slathered in a crisp baguette that will make you feel you’re in Vietnam. You won’t be able to find a sandwich anywhere nearby as balanced as this one.

Chicken is also life.

For your main course, I recommend the Chicken Rice (P99) from Singapore Chicken Rice. Again, the owner of this stall doesn’t speak any English at all but a gracious local cashier will be glad to take your order. Get the steamed chicken rice for the full experience. This chicken rice blows away the other versions in the restaurants you’ll find in malls. It’s essentially boiled chicken with hints of sesame oil and ginger but it’s simplicity executed well. I swear this is as good as the ones I’ve had in Singapore.

Getting There

It draws the best kind of crowd.

Higher Ground Food Station is located at BA Lepanto Building in Paseo De Roxas. I recommend walking (from AIM) to get there instead of bringing a car or taking an Uber. It’s faster and will only take 15 minutes.

Higher Ground Food Station

8749 Paseo De Roxas

BA Lepanto Building

Makati, Metro Manila

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