Cold Cuts (aka Let’s Meat Up)



“Networking is more about “farming” than it is about “hunting.” It’s about cultivating relationships with the people you know”

– Dr. Ivan Misner

Despite the size of the AIM campus, you still occasionally see an unfamiliar face. Some EMBA students approached the Student Association (SA) and expressed interest in getting to know the EMBA students in other batches. The opportunity to network with each other seemed like a low-hanging fruit, but because of similar course requirements, and the size of each batch, it was difficult to put everyone in the same room.

But difficult is not the same as impossible. On June 22, SA hosted “Cold Cuts,” a networking event for the different batches of the EMBA.

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The event started at 9:30 p.m. with a welcome speech by Prof. Cortez. He expressed his amazement seeing all three batches together.


Alcohol definitely helped with setting the mood for the evening.

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It also helped the students loosen up after a tiring day.

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Of course, Human Bingo was involved.


…And karaoke. (You can’t go wrong with karaoke.)

The enthusiasm among all the EMBA students made this event a great success.

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