AIMenities: What you can find inside the campus to survive bootcamp

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No, I wont pretend my AIM life was a leisurely walk in the park. Such cliché but yes, it was (and still is) a walk in Jurassic Park. We called the first two terms “bootcamp.” We were thrown theories, cases, numbers—it was like being in a boxing match without having the chance to punch back. It was one helluva roller coaster ride for us students, and what helped us a lot was having the school’s amenities around to satisfy our food cravings, smoke breaks, printing needs, and many more.

Here is a quick guide to the school’s amenities so you could walk around Jurassic park in coat and heels, just like Claire Dearing over here.

This is pretty much how we look like by term 2.


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The information desk. Genny, our dorm receptionist, is usually around from 8:30 to 5:30.

The dorm is where everything happens, the studying, the partying, the drama, and everything in between. It has 24/7 aircon, a common CR, and huge study areas. I once asked the staff why the study areas are way bigger than our rooms. He answered “Oh because you’ll rarely sleep, Ma’am.”  I laughed then. Three months later I ain’t laughing no more. Guards are always around to keep the dorm secure.

The dorm desk also has the access to games such as Chess, Scrabble, Table Tennis, Football, Basketball, and Volleyball.


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Location: Basement of AIM Dormitory

Operating hours: Monday to Friday: 12nn – 2pm & 3pm – 9pm | Saturday: 12nn – 4pm

Fee: Free for students

It has the basics, like an automatic treadmill, weights, arm and leg equipment, and a punching bag. Though not as fancy as what you may find in Gold’s Gym or Fitness First, it has enough equipment to exercise all muscles of the body. Plus, AIM has an in-house trainer, Mark, who sees to it that everyone exercises safely. He’s the buff guy you’ll spot on the left side when you enter the gym.

Student lounge

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Location: GF of AIM Dormitory

Operating hours: Open 24/7

This area is where students can meet up for discussions or party sessions. Up for grabs on a first come first serve basis, it has a fridge and projector where students store their food/drinks and watch movies for school or leisure. This is also where the laundry service stays on Tuesdays and Fridays from 7am – 11am to deliver and pick up student’s clothes for P 1,000 per month per student (unlimited-wash, dry, fold/press) or for P 40 per kg for washing and P 70 per kg for washing and ironing.

School clinic

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Location: GF of AIM Dormitory

Operating hours: Monday to Saturday 8am – 5pm

There are 2 doctors in the house- Dr. Rhodora Ramos-Jayson and Dr. Elizabeth Rivera- Laidan. We also have a school nurse Denyse Bernabe who everybody adores because she is a happy darling and one good nurse. Upon enrollment in AIM, a health card is provided per student which is already included in the tuition fee payment. Right now we use Medicard, which is accepted by various hospitals and even offers PT services. We are provided with a first aid kit which may be accessed through the clinic, dorm reception, or the guards.


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Location: GF of AIM Dormitory

Operating hours: Everyday mass- 12:30pm – 1:30pm | Sunday mass 9:30am – 10:30am

There is an inside joke among AIM students – students go to the chapel before they release our grades. LOL! But most of the time, the chapel is used to hold masses. Alumni of AIM attend mass here. Aside for the chapel, there are also prayer rooms inside the dorm for our Muslim and Islam students, located at the 2nd and 3rd floor of the dormitory. Trivia: Professor Noel Cortez, former GSB Dean proposed to his wife in this chapel! Yes, sometimes you find education, sometimes you find love. A mix of both is always the best.

AIM Store

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Location: GF of AIM Dormitory

Operating hours: Monday to Friday 7am – 5pm

The AIM store is the go-to place of students who want to grab breakfast items, light snacks before, in between, and after classes. It serves both drinks and snacks at affordable prices.  Yes AIM may be surrounded by restaurants, malls and coffee shops but the AIM store will always hold a special place in the heart of every AIM student.

Smoking area

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Location: GF of AIM Dormitory (outdoor, near the SA Store), 3rd floor (outdoor, near ICT office)

The smoking area is the go-to place for of course, smoke breaks. This is where some students let loose after a day’s boot camp, and where big ideas have come to life. There are always good memories in the smoking area. Some find it a conducive place to chismis but I kid you not, I would advise against it. Dormers staying in the second floor (especially on the side where the smoking areas is) can hear you!  I know because I stay there. If one is trying to look for some faculty such as Professor Richard Cruz (the Marketing Guru) or Professor Titos Ortigas (our Rock n’ Roll DE expert) and they cannot be found in the faculty area or in their classes, check the smoking area. Yes, it is a conducive place for consultations as well!


Swimming pool

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Location: Common area (outdoor)

The swimming pool is being shared by both AIM students and guests of the AIM Hotel. Here you can find Rules and Regulations in using the pool which are almost similar to R&R you have read in using pools of resorts. It is cleaned everyday but can get a little dirty after raining so I advise you to use it once the maintenance crew has cleaned it up. As a tradition, birthday celebrations are usually held in the pool area where the celebrant together with his/her Learning Team, roommates (if a dormer) and close friends, jump (forcefully sometimes LOL!) at 12 midnight. Food, booze and music are allowed in moderation, and students are expected to tidy up after. Students are allowed to party there until 2am.

Study areas

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Location: Common area (outdoor)

Since you are basically in AIM to study, the school is packed with study areas both indoors and outdoors. What you see here are some of the outdoor study areas where students hold meetings and study sessions. Aside from this there are also study areas in the KRC Library, dorm rooms, dorm lobby and case rooms (when they’re not being used).

Vending Machine

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Location: Common area (outdoor – next to Registrar’s Office)

These vending machines (especially the black one) is every.student’s bestfriend. Thanks to 2017 SA President CJ Delos Santos, these offer both hot and cold drinks (Yay coffee!), answering the prayer of students pulling an all-nighter but are too lazy to head to 7/11. Since the SA Store closes at 5pm, the vending machines are heaven-sent. Drinks can range from P15- P35 pesos

Knowledge Resource Center

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Location: Common area

Operating hours: Monday- Saturday 8am – 2am | Sunday 1pm – 2am

KRC is a library with a mini-auditorium inside where talks for 30-50 people may be held. The library is complete with desktop computers, books and discussion areas to encourage research and foster learning. During orientation, the library informs the students of various websites each has access to while an enrolled student of AIM, like Euromonitor. Some of them though may only be accessed in-campus.  The library is manned by our beloved guards who make sure it is quiet enough to allow students to focus and study. Like a typical library, students and staff may borrow books and printed documents provided they are returned on time and in good condition.

KRC also has photocopy services (black & white) at P 1 per page.

Operating hours: Monday – Friday 9am – 1pm & 2pm – 5pm | Saturday 9am – 12pm

Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

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Location: Near KRC

Operating hours: 24/7

A BPI ATM is available should students need cash. For BPI cardholders, there are no balance inquiry and withdrawal fees. But for other bank cardholders, certain fees may apply for certain transactions. There are also BPI and Security Bank ATMs located on the ground floor of AIM Hotel (not in the photo).

AIM reception

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Location: AIM lobby

Operating hours: 24/7

The AIM reception is the go-to place of both students and visitors with questions on where to go to find certain people/places. Sometimes students head there to have a chat with Ate Cecile (who you see in the photo) because she is everyone’s mommy and is one of the most pleasant people you’ll find in AIM. When she’s out, one of the guards usually man the reception area to accommodate visitors, guests and calls.

Event areas

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Location: SGV 1 – common area | BANCOM – second floor

AIM holds tons of events both for students and outsides. These events would usually accommodate a lot of participants that is why event halls are opened to serve this very purpose. The BANCOM is huge and is usually where parties of various programs are held. Memorable events like Tiger’s Night, Cub’s Night, Brewing in AIM and no-occasion-we-just-want-to-have-fun take place here to make room for caterers, alcohol stands, karaoke and games. For smaller groups, the SGV 1 hall may be utilized. Both event halls are to be reserved before hand to avoid conflicting accommodations.


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Location: AIM Parking Lot (one along Gamboa and another one along Paseo De Roxas)

The parking lots are open for guests, professors and admin personnel, free of charge. Students are usually not allowed to park inside (I really don’t know why) but are allowed as soon as slots are available 4pm and beyond. EMBA students on the other hand, are welcome to park anytime. There is also parking available in AIM hotel but priority is given to AIM Hotel guests. Students who are lucky to find a slot there pays P 120 for whole day parking. The parking lot is also used as a basket ball court.

Cafeteria (Kitchen City)

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Location: Second Floor

Operating hours: Monday- Friday 6am – 6pm | Saturday 6am -12nn

The cafeteria serves breakfast, lunch and early dinner. Though there are various nationalities in AIM, Kitchen City mostly serves Filipino-friendly food. Our Indian friends contact their own caterer who delivers food to them everyday. The caf is big enough but is usually packed during lunch. It is generally clean and has a self-buss out policy. Meaning after eating, one must put his tray to the self-buss out corner located at the far end of the caf. There are comfort rooms and a hand wash corner. Meals (rice+1 ulam) ranges from P50- P200 and could go up or down depending on one’s appetite.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

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Location: Third Floor

Operating hours: Monday- Friday 8am – 12nn  & 1pm – 5pm

The ICT is where students go to for computer and internet-related queries and configurations. They also handle AIM account concerns like our Gmail access. ICT disseminates genuine Microsoft packs per student so one does not need to worry about making school papers and presentations with a constant pop-up annoying you with the reality that you opted for the un-genuine version of Microsoft from Torrent. One is allowed to bring a printer but should a student opt to have it printed elsewhere, ICT also offers that service for P 6 per page (black & white, all sizes) and P 8 – P 20 per page (colored, all sizes). One may look for Vida Real (Helpdesk Tech Support) at local 6100.

Printer Office

Location: Ground floor (Behind HR Office)

Operating hours: Monday – Friday 7am – 12nn  & 1pm – 5pm

Printer Office offers that printing and photocopy for P 1 per page (black & white)

So there you have it, the AIMenities you’d find useful inside the campus. The management makes sure these AIMenities are safe and clean. There are more coming your way and you’d find them in my next write up complete with photos for your viewing pleasure.

See you around! 🙂



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