MIB class tours innovative companies in Singapore

The students of the MSc in Innovation and Business went to Singapore last July 8-16, 2017, for their Innovation Hot Spots Immersion. They visited companies—manufacturing and start-ups, government agency, museums, and Singapore attractions—that use a lot of innovative technologies and strategies that bring positive disruptions to the lives of the Singaporeans. The students were also introduced to the political, economic, environmental, and cultural aspects of the country. They learned the rich history of the country that led them to where they are today.

In the first day, the MIB students were greeted by Mr. Donald Ho, a 62-yr old tour guide, who was part of the earliest Chinese immigrants in Singapore. They visited the Haji Lane, Arab Streets, and Kampung Glam. They ended the day by going to the Gardens by the Bay – Flower Dome and Cloud Forest – and watching the Light Show: Garden Rhapsody at the SuperTree Grove.


The second day was more of a cultural visit. The students rode the Singapore Flyer and had an overlooking view of the whole of Singapore. Mr. Ho took this opportunity to talk about the history of Singapore: the British colonization, and the merger and expulsion of the country from the Federal Government of Malaysia.


The young innovator-entrepreneurs had the chance to visit Spout360 entertainment at the Lucky Chinatown Alienware Arena. Spout360 is a new startup in the e-commerce in the gaming industry. Re.A.Pra Pte Ltd, a holdings company for venture building, hosted the second corporate visit. They support innovative startups in different sectors such as agriculture, health, etc.


On the fourth day, the group headed to Facebook to check out how the company was supporting the small and medium businesses they’ve partnered with. Facebook had recently added more revenue streams in an effort to innovate their business model.


They then visited the Nanyang Technological University, one of the universities in Singapore dedicated to innovation.


The next stop was Yamazaki Mazak Singapore Pte Ltd., which showcased innovations being done in the manufacturing industry.


To end the 5th day, the students visited A*STAR, a government agency of Singapore. A*STAR leads in data science, developing technologies, and is helping the country prepare to become a “smart” nation.


IMG_7683 edited

“The Master of Science in Innovation and Business (MIB) is a full-time graduate degree program that gives young professionals in the so-called STEAM disciplines of science, technology, engineering, agriculture, architecture, mathematics, and medicine the necessary skills to realize the next wave of innovation.” —From the AIM website.

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