GNW: Caio says Kumusta! to the Philippines

What a remarkable experience for my MBA Global Network Week!

Presentation AIM

Three weeks ago I was sitting in a cozy classroom at AIM, discussing with professor Macaranas and my classmates about tri-lemmas, the VUCA world, and many interesting things about ASEAN. I didn’t imagine I would have such a great week in Manila.

I am really happy to have chosen AIM among the other great global business schools such as Yale, Berkeley, IE, and ESMT.

Below, I list what I liked the most on this intense week abroad.

First, a quick introduction about me:

rio de janeiro.jpg

I am Brazilian, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro (you all should visit there). I am 30 years old and married. I like sports (especially Football) and traveling (going to new places). I lived in Canada, Chile, and UK. I studied production engineering and am an MBA candidate at IE Business School in Madrid.

Back to my week in Manila—I had eight intense days in this lovely city. It was my first experience in Asia and I just loved it. By the time I have lived in Brazil, Asia always seemed so far from my life. Now, I feel I can spend good years living in most of the South East Asian countries. The last three years, living in London, traveling around Europe, and studying in Madrid really opened my mind to different cultures and made me realize that international experience is one of the things I value the most in life.


Regarding my classes in Manila, I was lucky enough to have the best of Philippines. Amazing professors such as Federico Macaranas and Jamil Paolo, plus brilliant and friendly students: Camill, Paolo, Rachel, Roxy, Trixie, besides the great foreigners J. It was definitely an interesting mix!

The classes were great but it was definitely not the best Manila could offer us. I was also amazed by:


  • The tasteful and constant food. I loved how many meals you had during the day, the quality and price of the food, plus the variety of good restaurants. I also tried Balut (I know that most of you have never tried before but you keep pushing naïve people like me to have it…)
  • How warm and friendly people are there. I felt home…you like people as we like!
  • The intense night life. We have tried many things your evenings can offer: restaurants, bars, rooftops, pre-game, night clubs (The Palace was my favorite).
  • The knowledge I gained in one week: I learned a lot about ASEAN, Asian culture (we had in our class people from Japan, India, China, Taiwan), rice research and production (visit to IRRI), retail in Philippines (visit to Rustan’s. Thanks Paolo for that!), and that simple is sexy (the world is too complicated already).

Evening class Manila

Looking forward to visiting you again soon.

All the best,

Caio Lima

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