EMBA2017: Party with love

The AIM community isn’t new to parties. In fact, we’re so used to it that admin support makes it effortless for the host batch to organize one. They make it so easy that at one point during one of the parties (and at certain a level of alcohol consumption), one person promised to support a series of parties with only a few months left until graduation in December (let’s not name who).


The EMBA2017 batch is a diverse set of party goers. Some have started partying in the 80s—respect. A bunch went around in the 90s. A handful partied in Y2K. And there are a few who’ve mastered partying all throughout the decades. Other than the range of experience the whole EMBA2017 brought to the Meralco case room (for a year and six months), they also brought with them a wealth of valuable and time-tested drinking experience. Like the business and corporate world, a lot of decisions are made offsite—in EMBA2017’s case, in the neighborhood watering hole.

When we talked about where we wanted to hold the party for the last day of regular classes, EMBA2017 decided that instead of bringing the party outside AIM again, we would commemorate our time in school by throwing a party in school.

The nights leading up to the celebration were steaming with repressed party vibes brought about by two weeks of strenuous exercises in the Business Strategy Games. We had to create a walkabout. We also worried about our capstone project. And we still had to get through the class-initiated photo shoot (yes, that’s stressful too). Everyone was just ready to throw in the towel, grab a drink and have an epic night.


With the support of the companies where students of EMBA2017 currently belonged to (or owned), namely: Ayala, Bounty, Ergo, Chanel, Premiere Horizons, Rustan’s, San Miguel Corporation, True Phlavors, and Tanduay, the party went all out. It was borderline Van Wilder material, with choices in drinks and music to match the range of preferences that EMBA2017 students had.

The stories shared that night were flashbacks to the good and the not-so-great days spent in the grounds of AIM. That at any given point—at your worst and best times, your class and learning teams will be there to party with you and throw in words of encouragement to empty your drink.

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Lastly, despite the struggle of managing work, family, and school, it was our distinct proclamation of gratitude and support to 123 Paseo De Roxas’ party tradition, and a declaration that our class – even after December 2017, will continue to find means to outdo our own partying ways.

Words by: Jessa Bitanga, Student, EMBA 2017

Class Photo by: RenJ Sarte, Student, EMBA 2017


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