5 Movies MBA Students Must See!

Movies MBA

So you’re done reading the list of books we previously suggested. Here are 5 movies to complement those books to prepare you for your MBA.


Moneyball (2011)

Directed by Bennett Miller

Whether you like it or not, you won’t be able to escape crunching numbers during your core MBA sessions. One of the objectives of the MBA program is for graduates to become numerate and rightly so as data is the current big thing. Corporate keywords like “Big Data” and “Customer Relationship Management” (CRM) make Data Analysis such an increasingly relevant skill that even AIM is introducing a Masters in Data Science.

Moneyball is an excellent example of how important data is being used today. In this movie, Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) and Peter Brand (Jonah Hill) use statistics to assemble a winning team for the Oakland Athletics Baseball team. It’s the kind of flick that will make you appreciate your Managerial Analytics (MA) class and will also answer the perennial question MBA students ask, which is “How is this used in real life?”

a most violent year

A Most Violent Year (2014)

Directed by J.C. Chandor

Not surprisingly, more MBA students every year are deciding to start their own businesses after graduating. You will take up Development of Enterprise (DE), a class that will teach you the fundamentals of launching a start-up, from concept development to seed funding.

A Most Violent Year focuses on Abel Morales (Oscar Isaac), a business owner in the oil industry who finds himself in extreme pressure amidst violence among his competitors. What sets this movie apart from other gangster movies is that it shows how you can succeed in any cutthroat industry by following the straight path. That alone is enough to highly recommend A Most Violent Year.


Equity (2016)

Directed by Meera Menon

In 2016, for the first time in the AIM’s history, there was more women than men enrolled in the MBA program. Some say that it will only be a matter of time before women completely dominate the corporate world and Equity is a manifestation of that idea. It does not paint women as saints but it does show the reality of what they have to do to survive the corporate world.

Naomi Bishop (Anna Gunn, who plays Skyler White in Breaking Bad) is an investment banker who facilitates IPOs for tech companies. I can’t say much as I don’t want to delve into too many details, but this movie paints a bleak picture of the financial industry, a harsh reality you will have to accept during your MBA.

You can put aside movies like The Big Short or Barbarians At The Gate for now as I promise you’ll appreciate watching them later on after your Economics (Econ) and Financial Management (FM) sessions. In the meantime, Equity would be a good introduction to terms like IPO and Valuation.


Weiner (2016)

Directed by Josh Kriegman and Elyse Steinberg

Weiner is a documentary that chronicles Anthony Weiner’s attempt to run for New York City mayor in 2013. He resigned as a Congressman in 2011 after lewd photos of him leaked on Twitter. He bounced back and was doing well in polls during his campaign for NYC mayor but found himself again in another scandal. This politician can’t seem to learn from his mistakes as more examples of his scandalous online behavior leaked, all of which happened after resigning from Congress.

This movie is not only fun but it will also help you out in your Management Communications (MC) sessions, where you will be discussing PR practices and strategies. On the other hand, your MBA life will be a rollercoaster ride, so consider this a warning also to please be careful with any, and I mean literally any, of your online activities.

office space

Office Space (1999)

Directed by Mike Judge

I assume you’ve worked in a corporate setting before enrolling in the MBA program. I’m sure you’ve had your share of unique horror stories in your office life. But that’s a breeze compared to what the three workers face in Office Space.

I’m not going to force relating Office Space to any of your upcoming MBA sessions—that would be too much of a stretch. However, you’ll probably have so much fun in the upcoming 16 months of your pseudo-vacation that you might forget the reality of office life. If you do decide to go back to the corporate world after graduation, which a lot of professors discourage, as they would prefer you to build your own start-up, consider Office Space as a grim reminder of what you’re potentially getting yourself into.

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  1. All Things Movies - Morton says:

    The Founder and The Social Network could be pretty good for this as well! Although it does show the uglier side of things!


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