The Other Side of Case Studies: Writing Competition

Part of the daily lives as AIM students is the dose of cases—from one pagers to cases twenty page thick. The cases challenge the analytical and critical thinking of students, how they take on a particular problem or scenario. The case method allows the students to explore and apply the theoretical frameworks they learned. In line with this, the Envisage team, together with their mentor, accepted the challenge of creating their very own case.


The 2017 World Asian Business Case Competition with the theme “How Asian Brands Soar” was organized by the Academy of Asian Business (AAB). It was a competition that invited students to write and present an exciting business case, how an Asian company achieved significant success and became globally powerful brands.

The team submitted its entry last June 19, 2017 about Filip+Inna, a clothing brand handcrafted by many ethnic groups in the Philippines. The case focused on how their social mission was integrated with their business model (or BOP Partnering).

Here we are with the founder of Filip+Inna, Leonara Cabili.

And on June 27, 2017, the team received the good news that out of 60 entries we made it to top 10 and were invited to present it in Seoul Korea on August 11, 2017.

the palace tour

The day of presentation finally arrived! The team went to Seoul, Korea to represent Asian Institute of Management. From various backgrounds, all the finalists were able to make known how Asian brands are growing and capturing greater portion of the market.

After all the finalists finished their presentations, our mentor, Prof. Maria Elena Herrera, became part of a case panel discussion where she gave tips on how to be effective case writers in the future. During the event, Prof. Herrera won the “best adviser” award.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The next day, the school hosted a city tour for the participants, where the teams enjoyed the scenery of Korea, their rich culture, and of course shopping (lol). The following day, the teams went on a company tour in CJ E&M, a South Korean entertainment and contents company. The four-day stay in Korea was jam packed with opportunities for us to learn more about Asian companies and how they’re are changing the business landscape.

Overall, the experience was both nerve wracking but unforgettable. It was able to bring out the best in the team and individuals. The best part was the relationships created together. It is something that will be cherished—even after the competition. The cases of the top 10 finalists will be published and distributed next year, make sure to get a copy! 😊

Tips for future participants:

  1. PREPRARE. PREPARE – make time to do the research and actual writing
  2. MEET, MEET, MEET – meet often with your mentor/adviser to discuss improvements in your paper and presentation
  3. ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY – make sure to have fun and enjoy each moment you are with your team

team picture

—Signing off, Envisage Team

Adeline Kristel Limqueco (Project Manager), Karen Rose Dacanay, Krizza Rica Gahuman

Prof. Maria Elena Herrera (Mentor)


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