A Dormer’s Life

AIM dorm life is an interesting cocktail of studies and fun. Living in a dorm is often considered one of the most interesting experiences of one’s life, and AIM doesn’t disappoint. Not to alarm you, but a huge chunk of your time, especially the first few months, will be consumed by reading cases, making sense of a lot of numbers, and meeting with your learning teams. Then the weekend will arrive. You’ll squeeze in some fun before getting back to even more readings for the next week.

True to form, there is space for students to study in pretty much every corner of the campus. If you like to study from a safe distance from your bed, you can go to the library, dorm lobby, student lounge, benches near the pool area, and zen garden. There are couches in the dorm lobby and library too if you like to do your readings in a horizontal position, which many do (often becoming opportunities for mini-naps). Usually, you can find students working till the early hours of the morning. You will also find LTs in passionate brainstorming sessions using whiteboards available at the dorm lobby.

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There is also a smoking area on the ground floor, from the back entrance, which is pretty much always occupied by smokers and friends. Conversations here range from intellectually invigorating to random gossip. This is also the area dormers end up in for drinking sessions on weekends, sometimes even on weekdays. Luckily there is Ministop a few steps away for a quick beer-run. While it doesn’t always feel like it when you have to attend next day’s class with a horrible hangover, the proximity to many convenient stores is a great advantage to have nights of free-flowing alcohol. The McDonald’s right in front of AIM along Paseo De Roxas is also the go-to place of students, especially dormers whenever they need to grab quick food before class (or before a drinking sesh).

A big part of dorm tradition at AIM is the birthday celebrations. It is custom for the birthday girl/boy along with his/her LT mates and roommates to jump as the clock strikes 12. A few beers down, however, anyone is up for grabs to be pushed along with the diving squad.


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To ensure work-life balance (but we’ll be honest, it’ll be more of work), AIM also organizes various events. There’s Cub’s Night, a welcoming party for the new cohort or “cubs” in the month of September, and Tiger’s Night, a send-off party for the graduating “tigers” in the month of November. In your journey between entering as a cub and graduating as a tiger, you will come across various events and parties, some organised by the school, some by student organisations and clubs. They’re all fun!

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An AIM dormer’s room is a sacred space. Four people share one common area which leads to two different rooms, shared by 2 people each. The beds are extremely cozy and comfortable. The common area has 4 desks and chairs with ample space to keep books, laptops, stationary, etc. It is the common room where students usually keep their food and other storage.

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Pros of living in the dorm:

  1. Proximity between classes and room allows dormers to take quick naps between class breaks. You can also catch a little more sleep in the mornings as compared to those who have to commute to school. And as every AIM student would agree, sleep is the rarest and most prized gift!
  2. All your friends are just a few steps or stairs away! Whether it’s a meal break that you need, or a little help in a certain subject, you can always burst into your friend’s room whenever you wish to.
  3. Profs and admin are just meters away from you! Should you need mentoring or simply have questions, they’re near. Note though, that since some of our dear professors have jobs outside AIM too, booking with their respective secretaries within the prof’s consultation time is recommended.
  4. If all your LT members are dormers, then no one needs to worry about going home early to beat Manila traffic. LTs tend to spend hours and hours to work on assignments and it gives members peace of mind that no one will have to commute/drive in the wee hours of the morning (yep, LT meetings tend to last that long).

Cons of living in the dorm:

  1. Since everything is extremely close-by, students tend to limit themselves to the dorms and nearby areas. After a while, this can make students feel slightly jaded. Therefore, it is important to venture out from time-to-time and get a break from the campus.
  2. Privacy can be a little bit of a challenge, especially if you like to spend alone time.
  3. There is a rule that celebrations can be held in the pool area until 2 AM, so prepare for a little (or not so little) noise until 2 AM, especially during birthday celebrations.

Dormer or not, Life in AIM is one helluva memorable experience. Personally, we’d encourage students to try out living the dorm life because there’s no better teacher than living life independently.

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  1. Deep Ram kapool says:

    Tanya’s article describes very excellently the day to day activities of the students and their rejoice mentioned in them.


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