Jade Chuacuco


“I was born in the Quezon province but grew up here in Manila. My dad is Chinese and my mom is Filipino. I went to a Chinese school before but was later transferred to a public school in Tondo. At first, it was a slap in my face and I was hurt because all Chinese schools are prestigious and the sudden change in my school life made me miserable.

But for some reason, I realized that being in a public school is much more fun than when I was in the Chinese school. People were more down to earth and I consider them “real” people. I felt more honest to myself as well. Even though I came from a Chinese family, we were really financially unstable. We were not the typical Chinese family that visits Macau or Hongkong twice a year. Or the type that goes on a lot of vacations.

Public school taught me how to be grateful for the things that I have and can have.

During my Third year in college, I was forced to stop my schooling because of financial problems. To help my parents with my expenses, I had to work as a virtual assistant doing the work of a personal assistant but online. I really love my parents. They are my best friends. Within the year, I went go back to school while continuing my job as a virtual assistant. During my fourth year, I had problems with my work so I had to find a new job to continue helping my family.

That was when AIM found me. AIM was really prestigious compared to the other company who offered me a marketing assistant job. So, I went ahead and became a faculty assistant for around three years.

Right now, I am a program associate for the MSc in Innovation and Business. This program really gives me a sense of purpose. These are exciting days. I just want to see everyone graduate. That would really make me happy—I will cry for sure.”


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