Back to Back: Lovely Indonesians at AIM

This is a double feature of two adorable Indonesians from MBA Batch of 2018: Nina Christiani Purnomo and Viny Susanto.


How did you get to know about AIM?

Nina: From my company. They wanted to engage with the executive education of AIM.

Viny: My parents are AIM alumni. They, especially my father, often told me stories of how they burned the midnight oil studying and trying to tackle cases, what life was like at AIM back then, the “can groups” (LT group), the professors, and the case study method. They hold AIM at such high regard that I already had high expectations before coming here, and AIM wonderfully exceeds it.

What was your first day of school at AIM like?

Nina: Nervous and excited!

Viny: It was exciting, nerve-wrecking, and tiring, because I had to force myself to meet and talk with so many people I didn’t know, trying to make good first impressions, for the whole day.

What do you like most about AIM?

Nina: The case method learning (well I almost hate it at the same time), but it is really great.

Viny: Ahh! The people. Faculty members, LT mates, my batch, upper batch, the kuyas and ates, and of course, my roommate, Nina. Everyone is very nice, friendly, fun, and helpful. I think the people set the mood. They make learning a fun and enjoyable experience. Also, the canteen. Because I love to eat.


What was that one life-changing experience in AIM?

Nina: Everyday is a life-changing experience. But the most life-changing experience was the convocation day. Everything formally started at that day.

Viny: I would say, doing the GoT (Game of Tasks) challenge with my LT at 3 AM. That was one of the craziest and fun nights in my life. Healthy crazy and fun, of course. By then I was aware that the teammates I’ll be with will change my life not only in AIM, but also in the future as they become a part of my life. The GoT experience helped us bond deeper and know each other better, and I thought, “I love these people. I’m so thankful to be in this team!” Thank you for the challenge, SA!

Nina's LT

What was the most emotional moment you had so far at AIM?

Nina: Just recently, the cultural night. When we did the unity dance, I really felt our batch was united, and it felt really like a family.


Viny: One time I couldn’t answer in class, I was trembling with fear inside. The professor and class were very nice about it though, and it was a great learning experience. I made sure to have more preparation after that.

What was the funniest moment you had at AIM?

Nina: When I ran away from the Cubs’ night (since I cannot drink). The Tigers (upperclassmen) saw me and my friend and tried to catch us, we ran like crazy while laughing, it was fun. Hahaha.

Viny: Hahaha! It’s when I skipped over Jomer in class. (peace)

In 20 years, what do you think is the story you’d continue to tell about this place?

Nina: It’s the place that has helped me change my life and make me a better person. AIM gives me more confidence to be a better me.

But mostly in reality, I will tell them my experiences in the class, trying hard to CP, and all the moments I spend with my LT and friends.

Viny: The crazy and fun adventures I have and will have with my LT. The unforgettable events that has and will happen in class, meetings, and SA events. But most of all, the struggles to survive MBA in AIM. It’s the struggles that will be the most memorable, entertaining, and laughable memories in the future.

What are your first and foremost plan once you finish MBA at AIM?

Nina: Go back to my country, looking for a new job surely, but more looking to a job where I can contribute most to Indonesia by applying what I learn in here.

Viny: The moment I return to Indonesia, I’ll enjoy some time with my family, eat the food I’ve missed as much as possible, and catch up on glorious, luxurious, long, undisturbed, quality sleep.

Interviewed by Sheena Bautista (MBA 2018)

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