KRC welcomed us in style!

After the internship break, students were coming back for the new term, and the new batch was gearing up to start their AIM journey. Both were welcomed with a surprise from the Knowledge Resource Center (KRC)—our library.

It was also an opportune time for many smokers, as they were lamenting the change of smoking area from the convenient 1st floor to the 3rd floor gazebo. Although, the two, KRC and smoking area cater to very different needs, the smokers felt some excitement by this surprise as they were braved the two-floor climb up to the gazebo.

Something you may have heard before you began your AIM journey (or read here at Life at AIM) is that the campus is always lively. You will always find people studying. For these people, the library is Mecca. AIM chose to surprise student by revamping the study space to make it more conducive for productive and fulfilling work.

How, you ask? First by making more space. The bookshelves on the second floor were moved to the ground floor in a more compact setup, leaving the floor area on the second floor for the wide table tables, where people can sit in groups and meet. But the real improvements were in the addition of the super-comfortable private meeting rooms.


Equipped with a board to scribble on and a television screen that can be connected to your laptops, it’s the ideal place to have LT meetings! Most of us C12 folks were almost disappointed that it didn’t happen sooner, while we had functioning LTs.


These rooms can be booked using the KRC website (URL:

Pro tip: You want to book them in advance, because they’re always high on demand!

Upon booking, the librarian gives you a pouch with the keys, whiteboard markers, and even an HDMI cable (on request), to be handed back at the end of your use.


What’s great is that the KRC understood perfectly our working needs: a well-designed space for us to meet in groups, and a room for people who want to work with some privacy. With individual tables lined up, silence is often observed in this room.

Studying isn’t always fun. But at least studying in this new library has given us something to be a little excited about! So, thank you KRC for making a monotonous experience a little joyful.


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