Yale It Out: Our Integrated Leadership Case Competition Experience

Most of us dream of going to Yale. In February, when the Integrated Leadership Case Competition was first announced, three teams from AIM submitted entries.

Our group got lucky. We were chosen to represent the college in the competition, together with 11 other GNAM schools around the globe.

After we were chosen, we said goodbye to all our weekends. We prepared ourselves to sit and grind our minds on the case for seven straight hours. We had to work on our team dynamics, our thought process, and structure in presentation. We were mentored by C10’s representatives and got tips for Prof. Gallegos and Prof. Santamaria.

The raw case during the competition proper was about Synchrony Financial, a bank specifically targeting the Millennial market. Though, we were not able to sustain AIM’s title of Defending Champions, we were specially mentioned during the awarding as one of the teams with good dynamics. Our secret was just 2 things: (1) we listened to each other and (2) we leveraged each other’s area of specialty.

Yale 3

Hong Kong University bagged the grand price. Their recommendation was very focused and they deep-dived the numbers. Our tip to the next batch of contenders: A finance person and a marketing person is a MUST HAVE in the team.

The best part of the whole experience was that we got to see one of the most beautiful schools—Yale University; and meeting different MBA students from around the world really broadened our network.

The ILCC case competition entails structure—structure in the team, the way the case is analyzed, and how it is presented. Of all aspects of training, this has to be practiced the most because it is also the hardest to achieve. Most of all, we learned to enjoy every minute of it. We savored every headache and fulfillment. We embraced all the hardships, the perks, and told ourselves that win or lose, this was going to be one unforgettable experience for us.

Big thanks to AIM for allowing us to experience the Yale ILCC Case Competition. What we learned goes beyond the four walls of the caseroom.  If today we were asked if we’d go through the experience again, it would definitely be a yes.

Yale 2

Yale ILCC team was composed of Juneil Torio, Merryl Talan, Neha Mani Oommen, and Prashant Verma – MBA 2017 students

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