PRISON BREAK: Tiger’s Night 2017

The sight of orange shirts neatly placed side by side on mess tables, the backdrop of a police lineup and the booming voice in a video calling out the names of the graduates have completely turned the Fuller Hall into a prison that one would definitely want to escape from. Tiger’s Night 2017 served to be a proper sendoff not only for the MBA cohort 12 but also for the MDM, EMBA and MIB batches of AIM 2017.


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The night started with the requisite dinner with all participants dressed in their orange shirts. The unity both in the different programs represented and in the color they were wearing truly was a sight to behold. Fun awards and recognition were given for each program and the winners clearly showed the unique character and personality of all the students. Tears were definitely shed and memories reminisced when videos dedicated to each program were shown, featuring the unwavering support and commitment of the faculty, administration and staff to the students. In a particularly touching moment, all the programs were given the chance to express their heartfelt gratitude to their respective program directors. It was a genuine display of the important relationships that are built in AIM by the students during their brief stay in this school.

The event winded down when all the students were provided with pens to write on the shirts of their classmates messages of encouragement, appreciation and well wishes. However, this moment of emotional catharsis was momentarily disrupted by the obligatory tradition of alcohol inundation. The Cubs Drink Masters came out in droves, bottle in one hand and cup in the other, passing out shots left and right. The crowd naturally flowed into the adjacent room where the AIM Music Club was ready to entertain the crowd with their eclectic mix of songs. The night continued on with strong booze, excellent music and of course the celebration of the exceptional students of AIM.


As the night went deep and when the Tigers were “released” from the prison that was Fuller Hall, it was apparent that in a few weeks’ time it would be their turn to leave the place that they have called either a prison or a home for the past year. They bring with them the valuable lessons they’ve come to learn by heart and the relationships they’ve forged in this unforgettable quest for an AIM degree. We the Cubs wish them all the best and hope that they stay true to their pledge and “hire and/or partner with MBA 2018 graduates” in the future. See you in the real world soon!

Words by Mark Manio (MBA 2018) and Photos by Norman Malana and Denise Rancap (MBA 2018)

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