Last 3 months of MBA at Mannheim, Germany..

Country Visited: Germany

College Name: University of Mannheim



Visa: 60 Euros (Applied from the German Embassy in Manila)

The details for the Visa Application can be found here:

Apply for the Visa as soon as possible, since the process is quite tedious and time consuming.

Airfare: You can book as per your convenience. I booked mine from Kolkata, via Dubai. One way ticket Price: 350 Euros

Lodging: I booked a student apartment at Carl Zuckmayer Strasse, via University Housing at 300 Euros a month. However, you can book cheaper and better rooms through private accommodation. Look for accommodation in areas around MarktPlatz or ParadePlatz.

Food: I mostly cooked my food. I spent around 200 Euros a month. However, if you want cheap eat out options, there are plenty of Turkish restaurants near Paradeplatz and Marktplatz. Fast food in Europe is a bit expensive.

Subjects I liked:  Corporate Global Strategy and Pricing Strategy.

Overall Experience:

University of Mannheim is famous for good electives in Strategy & Operations. Hence I chose to go this university. The campus is very beautiful and extremely huge, almost the whole city of Mannheim.

The campus had 850 exchange students from diverse backgrounds and nationalities – mostly Europeans followed by Chinese. Your class depends on the subjects you choose. Some subjects had small classes with about 75 students while some had 500 students.


My experience was amazing. You can study and also travel quite a bit. You can get in touch with travel agencies like pm2am or Studifahrten and sign up for their trips. Language can be an issue if you do not speak basic German. I suggest to start learning the basics.

Please don’t forget to study. Mannheim is quite serious with academics.


Written by Nandini Ghosh from Master in Business Administration 2017

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