MSIB: The First Month

Our first four weeks have been a roller coaster ride as MSIB 2018 students. Like a roller coaster, we were thrown up and down by different challenges. The first week was an excruciatingly long one as we were introduced to what was called the Innovation Overture. It was a one week intensive exposure to the life of innovation.

We were immersed at Poblacion, one of the barangays in the City of Makati, to look for problems, and later on propose solutions to the problems we’ve identified. These prototype solutions were then measured with the community for feedback in order to improve the proposals. The week culminated with presenting the solutions to Barangay Poblacion and Makati City officials. By the end of our first Friday as a class, we had the MSIB welcome party.

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The start of the regular classes was on the second week. Calm as it may seemed, this was the week where we were introduced to the capstone project and Cerebro, one of the innovation challenges that we’re going to take on over the course of our 10-month stay in AIM. We went through the SA-PA-DA-PPA / Systematic Managerial Analysis under the guidance of Prof. Kenneth Hartigan Go.

Of course we won’t forget Systems Thinking with Sir Tony Perez. On the third week, we were introduced to the concepts of systems thinking, loops, cycles, archetypes, shifting of the mind, and how these are important to understand complex systems. We also got to have a lot of fun as we tried to make mental models on how we can solve Metro Manila traffic and other pressing problems of our country today. The week ended with a high because of the mixer organized by the Office of the Registrar. We were able to hangout and meet students from the MDM and MBA. We didn’t let the chance to join the after-party with the them to pass as well.

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By the fourth week, we were on for a big surprise because as everyone knows, if there is an occasion in school, it means free food! Before that though, we had a chance to give chocolates and flowers, as well as serenade our female classmates in MSIB, including Stef and Camille, in celebration of valentine’s day. I think they were touched. The next day, AIM hosted a post valentine and Chinese New Year’s eve celebration. They treated the school community with a small feast. The whole AIM community sure had fun and enjoyed the early end of school week.  Maintaining work-life balance is challenging, but a worthy one to take.

School work is hard but so far so good. To follow more of our innovation journey, subscribe to Toffee Perez’ Instagram feed. He uses the hashtag #MSIB2018 for all his posts. He does daily snippets about our life as MSIB students and how AIM life is doing so far. I assure you though, it is great!


Words by Bryan Bautista from Master in Innovation and Business 2018

Photographs by Norman Malana (MBA 2018), Bryan Bautista (MSIB 2018), Henry Lachica Jr. (MSIB 2018), Camille Ang (MSIB 2018) and AIM Corporate Marketing Group


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