GNW: a week of Learning, Strategy Setting and Networking

On 15 June 2018, the module on “Strategy Setting in ASEAN 2025” for the EMBA Global Network Week (GNW) concluded as it prepared 16 students to strategize for the VUCAness of the 21st century. It was a week-long course that had participants from AIM MBA and EMBA, as well as EMBA students from Yale, UC Berkeley and ESMT Berlin. The fully packed short course delved on the topic of ASEAN integration which was taught in the VUCA framework and guided by the Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning. It drew out the complexity of the ASEAN integration and emphasized the role of this regional cooperation in the global economy. The course was handled by esteemed AIM professors Poch Macaranas, Jamu Francisco and Nani Roxas.

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It has equipped me and the other participants in ways that went beyond what we have initially expected since most of us are new to these concepts. As a class, we visited AIM-Dado Banatao’s Incubator that will soon house tech start-ups and the Access Lab that is home not just to South-East Asia’s second supercomputer. The visit to the business incubator exposed us to the other side of business school and how it helps startups scale in terms of proper business models, networks, and mentoring from experts. The visit to the Access Lab made us appreciate more the need of organizations to invest on data scientists, technology and cyber-security as these continue to shape the 21st century.

The class had the chance to learn from PSE’s Chief Operating Officer and AIM Adjunct Professor, Atty. Roel Refran, who gave updates on what’s happening in the ASEAN capital markets, how the ASEAN stock exchanges plan to scale and integrate, and how we can play a part in encouraging foreign direct investments in the Philippines and boost the overall economy as a result. After the course we were asked to do group presentations that allowed us to exercise critical thinking and solving the complex problems of the different industries like education, agri-business, IT, and tourism in light of the ASEAN integration.

We had the privilege of having three foreign EMBA students – Brian (UC Berkeley), I-Hwei(Yale), and Lukasz (ESMT Berlin) who enjoyed lechon, sisig, halo-halo, pancit and Jollibee. Having diversity in the network week infused years of valuable experience from the different fields and countries represented. Overall, the class enjoyed learning from each other’s culture, gained new friends, and hopefully someday we can check US and Poland out from our travel bucket lists with the help of our newfound friends willing to host us anytime soon!

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On a final note, my key take-away from this course is that the world is changing and as markets are gearing toward globalization, we have to take advantage of the economies of scale, by encouraging free flow of goods and skilled labor through the ASEAN integration and as a result boost our overall competitiveness in this part of the world.

The Global Network Week is one of the Programs of the Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM). AIM along with 30 top international business schools pooled their resources to host 4,500+ network week participants from all over the globe to position them to have competitive advantage in the VUCA world in terms of cross-cultural exposure and best practices from other global firms. (For more information, visit the GNAM website at

Words by Sheena Bautista, MBA 2018


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