Throwback: 2017 Spooky Day at AIM

“Pangangaluwa” is the dying tradition of the custom of soul awareness in the Philippines. Because of the influence of western culture, we have come to the tradition of celebrating Halloween Parties, with Trick-or-Treat as one of customs. Trick-or-Treat is the Halloween tradition wherein the children travel from house-to-house wearing costumes and usually carrying baskets to ask candies, or gift money from house owners. If you’ve been to the Asian Institute of Management last October 2017, chances are, you would have met this wandering lady looking for a playmate.

Although grad students from the Asian Institute of Management have lots of school requirements, they are not passing on this opportunity to celebrate and hold a Halloween party. Students have found ways to showcase their creativity through making and wearing creative Halloween costumes of all sorts.

A Halloween party was held on the Monday night of October 30 through the joint efforts of the AIM Student Association and the AIM MBA Batch 2017 & Batch 2018 Student Council.

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There were catered food and drinks, and the students had fun during the party as there were various games and contests. There was also an awarding for students who had the best Halloween costumes.

It was not just the students who did Halloween preparation, in fact, AIM offices also did their own Halloween themes such as the Game of Thrones theme by the Knowledge Resource Center, which is the AIM library.

What Halloween themes and characters are we going to see for the 2018 Halloween Party? That would be indeed one thing to look forward to!

Words by: Rhey Joseph Daway, MBA 2018

Photos from various contributors

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