It was an intense scene as I watched my fellow classmates wear gloves and be prepared to fight. It was no ordinary fight. It was time for the boodle fight – the famous tradition in the Philippines to eat as much as you can from an array of food choices placed on a banana leaf.

Yes friends, it was something unique. Coming from India, I have seen people eat on banana leaves. We Indians eat on banana leaves during festivals, in temples and on many occasions. However, it was just one leaf per person. To know how we eat in India on a banana leaf, here is a photo for you.


I was curious on knowing what is this fight all about? The ‘Boodle fight’ arranged by the student association of AIM had people from all programs participate in a fun-filled lip-smacking eating marathon.

What we ate: everything from fish to pork to chicken to pancit. There was literally every Filipino dish on the platter. But wait, there is more. The student association had one more table arranged for the vegetarians who were delighted to taste some spicy (as per Filipino standard) paneer dish along with rice (Thanks so much guys!).

Fun, food and friends merged to celebrate this ancient tradition of the Philippines. The boodle fight which originated from the Philippine Military is very famous, where a big pile of food is served and each soldier ate with his bare hands to build brotherhood and camaraderie among the soldiers.

The boodle fight arranged by AIM Food Club was really a moment to know each other from different programs and understand people personally. Apart from having our tummies full, we had our mind and heart filled with joy for having to know many interesting people and getting the opportunity to explore the Filipino culture.

Here are some glimpses of the event. Hope you enjoyed reading it!

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