AIM Society of Innovators – E-Learning Opportunities for the ‘New Normal’

A Wave of New: The AIM Society of Innovators Provides

E-Learning Opportunities for the ‘New Normal’

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From left to right: Jude Michael Teves (Guest Speaker for Natural Language Processing), Roy Joseph Roberto (AIM-SI President), and Josef Ivan Monje (Resource Speaker for Raspberry Pi Applications)

Founded in March, the AIM Society of Innovators (AIM-SI) has already been making waves in and out of the campus for its student-led initiatives amid the coronavirus pandemic. AIM-SI is a recognized student organization at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM), aiming to provide its members and the community in general with learning opportunities.

“At first, we felt discouraged to push through”, said Roy Joseph Roberto, the President and Founder of AIM-SI. “We just became an official student organization at AIM when the government imposed an enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) in the entire Luzon region; but then, we thought it would be ironic for us to call ourselves innovators if we do not adapt to the situation,” he added.

According to the United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres, most schools are not equipping young people with the skills they need to navigate the technological revolution. In response to this, the organization recently launched its flagship program called Innovation Café—a series of digital seminars on various topics such as data science and AI, design thinking, and technology, and innovation. AIM-SI also collaborated with AIM Career Services Office (CSO) in tapping industry leaders and experts to share their knowledge on the most sought-after skills today.

 “We are now in the face of a health and a learning crisis. We want to play a proactive role in sustaining education in the ‘new normal’ while promoting on-demand skills to young people to helping them survive and thrive in the increasingly digital economy,” said Roberto explained.

AIM-SI forged partnerships with organizations in the Philippines and abroad, such as GEARS Expert Network Weaver, an NGO headquartered in Taiwan. They were able to complete five more online masterclasses, with a cumulative attendance of nearly 600 people. Past participants include C-suite executives, master and Ph.D. students, young professionals, and even university students.

The student organization also made representations in various national events such as the Earth Day Showcase Session hosted by the Youth Advocates of the Philippines, an online youth-led community with over 80,000 followers on Facebook. Last May 14, selected AIM-SI members were allowed to represent the organization in Sulong Pilipinas, a consultation meeting led by the Department of Finance, where youth leaders from different advocacy groups were provided the platform to give their recommendations on the Philippine Government’s economic recovery plans in the light of COVID-19. According to DOF, top recommendations will be presented to President Rodrigo Duterte and his Cabinet.

Sustaining education amid a health crisis is an extra challenge for all of us. We cannot just go back to business as usual. We need a more resilient education system that is not only responsive to the demands of the new normal but also future-proofs students with skills that are relevant in our times. AIM-SI is in a mission to share the innovation happening around a VUCA world, and in the future that we must be prepared for.

For partnerships, please contact Roy Joseph R. Roberto at

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