Meet the team

Hi guys,

We want to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves (and our faces) to you. Most likely you’ve been following us and have seen some of our posts (and if not, what part of the Internet did you stumble in from?). You must be wondering, who writes these articles? Where do the ideas come from? How do these people look like? If so, you’re in for a treat. Answer: Its all just us, the people you’ll see below:


Eunice Regala

Eunice is Life at AIM’s President. Before b-school, she worked under the Sales Department of Nestle Philippines. She is entirely convinced that a glass of wine is equal to an hour in the gym.


Ari Samanta

Ari is Life at AIM’s Vice President. Before b-school, she worked with Marriott and Hyatt hotels. Her dream is to travel around the world and eat lot of good food.


Ron Recto

Ron is Life at AIM’s Editor-in-Chief. Before b-school, he was in government communications under the Executive Department. His ultimate dream is to be the second half of a teleserye love team.


Hans Pura

Hans is Life at AIM’s Treasurer. Before b-school, he was an assistant manager at DHL. He loves all things pop culture and watches too many movies in his spare time.


Mecz Talan

Mecz is Life at AIM’s Marketing Incharge. Before b-school, she was a product development officer in a bank. She aspires to discover her passion and grow a business out of it.


Tanya Kapool

Tanya is Life at AIM’s Secretary. Before b-school, she was an account manager at an advertising agency. She would love to vegetate for a living: reading and watching movies if there is time.

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Rachel Arandilla

Rachel is Life at AIM’s Lead Designer. She is a right-brained bohemian into the arts, travel, fitness, and the ocean.


Timyas Del Mundo

Timyas is a contributor at Life at AIM. Before b-school, she was a bid manager for IBM Philippines. Her ultimate dream is to be a K-pop superstar or a K-drama actress.


Rage Gonzales

Rage is a contributor at Life at AIM. Before b-school, she was in content operations for the Metals and Mining department of S&P Global Makati. She is a triathlete, a good governance advocate, and an environment advocate Bicolana.


Nancy Kempeneers

Nancy is a contributor at Life at AIM. Before b-school, she worked as an architect for the largest design firm in the country. Her friends maintain that she is half Belgian, half waffle.


Marikris De Guzman

MK is a contributor at Life at AIM. She has passion for art, penchant for flying, and fascination for minions. She loves compelling conversations, breathtaking photos, and heartfelt poetry.


Ana De Guia

Ana is a contributor at Life at AIM. Before b-school, she was a category manager under the Strategic Merchandise division at 7-Eleven Philippines. She loves watching Korean dramas and listening to K-Pop.


Mark Castaño

Mark is Life at AIM’s Official Photographer. He is an engineer by day and a crusader of light by night. He hopes to eradicate poverty through his smiles.