Francesca Sy

Oh my God, what did I get myself into? “I ask myself this question every day, but I always remind myself right after that nothing bad will come out of this experience. I believe that people need to struggle in order to achieve greatness. I did not have a business course back in college. I…

Jeremy Bedaño

Innovation can happen anywhere, not just in the technology sector.

AIM Sportsfest 2017: Lunch Treat

Now that the competition has come to a close, the teams have come together again to celebrate and relive their team spirit through their stomachs!

AIM’s Pistang Pinoy

Colorful banderitas lining the ceilings, traditional Filipino folk songs playing softly through the PA system, and concessionaires lining the otherwise barren hallways – ahhhh, the makings of a welcome breather in the hectic lives of the AIM community. May 18 and 19 marked the two-day celebration of AIM Student Association’s Pistang Pinoy. The event showcased…