Jeremy Bedaño

Innovation can happen anywhere, not just in the technology sector.

Trijunie Ekaputra

This development gap [of East Indonesia] motivated me to pursue the MDM program.

Jikyeong Kang

Our beloved President and Dean tastes our favorite Filipino dishes. 

Princeton Tan

You kind of grow confident but at the same time you lose confidence.

Coen Damen

Enjoy what you are doing. I know it’s all hard work and long hours, but it’s fun and you have with you people from all walks of life.

Arlyn Tan

There’s not a single day where I am not excited to go to school.

Aramil Lot

The students then are like the students now… If the students have a party, we’re all there—the professors and the staff. 

Pablia Galendez

I didn’t know anyone here (in AIM). The first job I got at the time was this job. I’ve been here 32 years since.