My Life in Philippines

I started January of 2019 by applying for a visa to the Philippines. Fortunately, the consulate was open even during New Year’s Day. Because I was applying for AIM, visa processing was quite easy. Doing this on the very first day of the year, it was an indication that 2019 was going to be a…

Farewell Masterclass by Prof Gavino

“He emphasized that we should always remember that we don’t know everything. A humbling realization that he always tell his students, knowing that ego is always an obstruction to learning.”

Celia “Cecile” Paat

I get to meet different people like ambassadors, top executives, foreign students, and, sometimes, even presidents of the Philippines.

Back to Back: Lovely Indonesians at AIM

The moment I return to Indonesia, I’ll enjoy some time with my family, eat the food I’ve missed as much as possible, and catch up on glorious, luxurious, long, undisturbed, quality sleep.