Stay focused when a community comes first

Every development program has the ultimate goal of community development in terms of well-being. Nowadays, it is challenging to mobilize the community for development programs. Though it’s human nature, we are too complacent for change. To be successful in achieving the ultimate goal, the essential requirements are to mobilize the people and to develop the…

Sustainable Finance and AIM

AIM is committed to educating future generations of globally responsible professionals, managers, and leaders.

Forming Life Long Connections

A Masters Degree is valuable for many reasons. Here at AIM, students gain and develop essential skills, expand their knowledge, and learn from exceptional faculty that enable them to grow rapidly in their chosen field after graduation. Even with the intense curriculum, sleepless nights, and endless parties, there’s one thing that we continue to treasure…

Gong Xi Fa Cai

The day’s festivities were a fun reprieve from school work and the food was the best part