KRC welcomed us in style!

Studying isn’t always fun. But at least studying in this new library has given us something to be a little excited about!

School launches “AIM Talks”

Last October 14, 2017, Asian Institute of Management held its very first AIM Talks, an interactive conference on world-class ideas with focus on Asia.

Back to Back: Lovely Indonesians at AIM

The moment I return to Indonesia, I’ll enjoy some time with my family, eat the food I’ve missed as much as possible, and catch up on glorious, luxurious, long, undisturbed, quality sleep.

How to Master CP

Basically, I’m gonna teach you how to pretend you know what you’re saying.

Francesca Sy

Oh my God, what did I get myself into? “I ask myself this question every day, but I always remind myself right after that nothing bad will come out of this experience. I believe that people need to struggle in order to achieve greatness. I did not have a business course back in college. I…