Celia “Cecile” Paat

I get to meet different people like ambassadors, top executives, foreign students, and, sometimes, even presidents of the Philippines.

Back to Back: Lovely Indonesians at AIM

The moment I return to Indonesia, I’ll enjoy some time with my family, eat the food I’ve missed as much as possible, and catch up on glorious, luxurious, long, undisturbed, quality sleep.

Dr Kenneth Hartigan-Go

  In 2010, I was teaching medicine and was also working for Zuellig Foundation doing social community projects. I left the university & foundation to do a bit of soul searching. During that time, I met Prof Mike Luz. He invited me to join his faculty team. The school was then called Center for Development…

Julian Quimson

I moved back here and my dad suggested AIM. I didn’t want a cubicle job again and it seemed like the right time…